Benefits of Choosing A Professional Pest Control CompanyGardens is a fun place where you spend time with your friends and family. There are some pests who also look upon the garden as their home and tend to enjoy their time. The rodent species that are often found in your garden are:

  1. Field vole
  2. Wood mouse
  3. Bank vole
  4. House mouse
  5. Browns rat

All rodents have distinct signs to exist in your lawn or backyard. When you notice:

  1. Burrows of 6-9 cm in diameter
  2. The dropping off 15 to 20 mm long
  3. Damages to the fences
  4. Gnaw marks on fruits or stored seeds

You can be sure that your garden is rodent infested. If they have reached to your backyard, probably, they can come into your home in the search of food or shelter. In order to remove the rodents from your garden, you can use the following tips:

  1. Remove any Harbourage Points: Garden rats need height or gap of 15 mm and the mice need only 6 mm to get access. Seal all the small or major gaps that allow the rodents for easy access.
  2. Remove Nesting Places: Make sure to eliminate the piles of wood and garden clippings from your garden. Also, cut the overgrown trees or plants so that rodents can’t make a hole.
  3. Keep Dustbin Cover: Rodents may reach your garden by finding the open dustbin with unwanted food inside it. Make sure to discard the garbage bins far away from your home.
  4. Bird Feeding material: If you are habitual to feed the birds then rodents may attract to your bird’s feeder basket. Either prevent it from rat or mice attack or stop birds feeding until you remove the rodents.
  5. Cover the Drainage system: Your garden may have a drainage system to drain the rainwater. If the drain system is not covered it could become the path of rodents. Cover it and open when required.

Still, if you are getting rodents in your garden or in your home, visit Simcoe Pest. Our professional pest exterminators in Ontario are handy with numerous eco-friendly techniques to remove the rat and mice for as long as possible.