PestsPests not only cause damages to your property but also deliver dangerous disease to humans. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the dangers associated with pests, and people find it easy to deal with them.

But, after knowing some shocking things about the pests, you will be immediately taking action to make your home pest free. Take a look:

  • Cockroaches Live Without Food For 30 Days
    Cockroaches can hide in your home without food for a maximum of 30 days and water up to 15 days. This is why when you think you have removed them, they might be hidden in the corner of your home.
  • Spiders Have Up To 40,000 Species
    Spiders are taken as harmless pest and turn out to be beneficial in making your home insect free. But, there are thousands of poisonous species in this world, and some are more venom than rattlesnakes. No matter which spider species you find it your home, remove them immediately.
  • Bed Bugs Are Found Only In Beds
    Bed bugs can drive anywhere in your home, be it is your bed, carpets, clothes, curtains, furniture, suitcase, etc. In addition to this, they can be removed only with heat treatment.
  • DIY Methods Have No Proven Result
    Home remedies can reduce the population of pests, but they can’t completely remove the pest. On the contrary, the pesticides could be harmful to your skin, so be careful.

Finally, when you notice pests in your home, you can rely on us to get 100% effective solution. At Simcoe Pest, our team of professionals have vast knowledge about a wide variety of pests and their effective treatment to make your premises completely pest-free.